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Asmita patel
Asmita patel is another woman who has got a government job for making false claims. One of the reasons for exploiting the webmaster was that she was not working in an office. However, when the webmaster hired an expensive office in Thane, powerful officials falsely claimed that the online business of the webmaster was owned by the stock broker asmita patel, to get her a lucrative government job at the expense of the webmaster. In reality asmita patel did not have any connection with the online export business, did not spend any money on website, domain expenses , do any work. However, she had a very powerful gang of people who could use expensive government equipment to hack the laptop of the webmaster and make false claims on her behalf. Even today,despite doing nothing, she cunningly gets credit for revenues of the webmaster, who has been viciously defamed by powerful companies and officials
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