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Bluestone, the jewellery online store, allegedly has become latest victim of the sex for government scam in the indian internet sector. Powerful government officials have falsely claimed that the greedy lazy goan cheater bsc sunaina, half their age was their experienced engineering college classmate, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter, since they hate their real engineering college classmate,experienced webmaster, a single woman. In fact the lazy greedy sunaina has no connection with the online exporter, yet because she acts as a call girl sleeping with powerful officials in the indian internet sector, she has been allegedly appointed to an important government job at the expense of the online exporter, engineer . the real online exporter ordered jewellery from bluestone, allegedly powerful officials have falsely claimed that it was their greeedy lazy call girl friend sunaina who ordered the jewellery, and got her lucrative assignments. They are also, claiming that she also owns the websites, when she does not spend any money on the website expenses, do any work, only has SEX with these fraud sex starved officials who make false claims promoting her. The strong words are needed to stop the extremely shameless powerful officials promoting call girl sunaina falsely claiming that she owns the websites,domain names and online export business. Her associates repeatedly modify the content of websites . If they wish they can easily purchase the domain name,.

A photo of the Bluestone email ad :
Bluestone, sunaina, fraud, faking ownership of jewellery domain name

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