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The real webmaster, domain investor and engineer had spent her hard earned money on the website on watches. However, a powerful official in the indian internet sector, who was infatuated with the diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, allegedly falsely claimed that she was his engineering college classmate, the domain investor, webmaster owning the website to make her look alike the model for the casio watch print ad. The official has failed to reply to all attempts to contact on phone and email. Actually the lazy greedy siddhi has no connection with the watch website, purchase casio products, she does not spend a single paisa or do any work,except that she sleeps with the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector, who then have allegedly got siddhi a permanent government job for sexual favors in one of the most scandalous sex for government job frauds. These officials hate the webmaster and allegedly make false claims promoting siddhi, that she owns the website, purchases casio watches, to get her lucrative deals, great powers and privileges. Also the greedy fraud siddhi with the help of her powerful friends and relatives has commited corporate espionage on a vulnerable single woman who made the mistake of trusting her, and steals data daily using the hidden wifi network of the government. By falsely giving the greedy cheater siddhi credit for ownership of the website, they defame the real webmaster , deny her the respect she deserved as a domain investor.

A photo of the casio print ad :
Casio, siddhi, fraud, faking ownership of watch website

Siddhi fraud list - Models similar to goan diploma holder siddhi who has got a permanent government job, faking ownership of the websites, and online export business allegedly with the support of large corporates and powerful officials who are her friends and relatives.